The Central West Network of Specialized Care is a way of linking specialized services and professionals to collaborate and develop complex support plans for adults who have developmental disabilities with high support and complex care needs. The Network brings together people from a variety of sectors including developmental services, health, research, education and justice in a common goal of improving the navigation, access and quality of services for these individuals who have complex needs.

The Central West Network of Specialized Care offers the following services:

  1. Complex Support Coordination
  2. Health Care Facilitation
  3. Dual Diagnosis Justice Coordination
  4. Service System Resources (videoconferencing/French
    language service)

How to Access Services:

Our services are provided based on eligibility confirmation from Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). To determine eligibility for services or to complete an assessment prior to a referral to an agency such as CWSDS, please contact Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), 1-888-941-1121.

For more information please contact:
Tara Hyatt,
Regional Manager, Central West Network of Specialized Care

Community Feedback on the Central West Network of Specialized Care

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