CWSDS is committed to developing communities of excellence within the Central West Region. CWSDS works collaboratively with service partners to build the community’s capacity and share professional expertise and services. CWSDS also provides community partners access to our space so that their staff can help their individuals achieve program goals.

Quality of Life Project – Grant provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Central West Specialized Developmental Services (CWSDS) and Community Living Oakville (CLO) were the recipients of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant in July 2018. Both organizations have collaboratively partnered together with the shared vision to measure and enhance the quality of life for persons supported within CWSDS and CLO. Members from CWSDS and CLO, persons supported, MPPs and MPs gathered together in December 2017 to acknowledge and show our appreciation to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for giving us the one-year Seed Grant.
This initiative provided CWSDS and CLO to have a Quality of Life Project Lead to measure and make meaning of what persons supported express is the most important to them in their lives. A Steering Committee and a Working Committee have been formed with the purpose to bring together members from both organizations once a month to discuss progress, methods and future goals. They have chosen to implement the use of the Personal Outcome Measures from the Council of Quality and Leadership to achieve an accurate and meaningful measure of quality of life.
The project contains two main phases. While the first phase is to measure quality of life of 40 persons supported within CWSDS and CLO through the use of Personal Outcome Measures, the second phase aims to communicate results, celebrate the continuous support provided and to embrace the opportunity to further enhance services and supports. This project has been an exciting initiative and a unique opportunity to come together with a community partner and strive to further improve the lives of the persons that we support!
We invite you to check out the Council of Quality and Leadership’s website to further learn about the Personal Outcome Measures.

Halton Modernization Initiative

Our organization is one of four agencies (including Community Living Burlington, Community Living North Halton, Community Living Oakville and Central West Specialized Developmental Services) participating in the Halton Modernization Initiative (HMI), a project funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. The goal of this project is to find ways that our organizations can better work together to provide programs and services more effectively and efficiently.

We are examining the processes we use to do our work. We are looking at how we deliver programs, how we recruit and support our employees, and how we procure products and services. This is an exercise to identify how we as organizations can collaborate to do things better with the resources we have and to reduce the duplication of work across our four agencies.

Peel Crisis Capacity Network

Central West Specialized Developmental Services is one of 27 Peel organizations that are partnered together to provide resources and consultation to individuals who have a developmental disability and / or dual diagnosis and who are in a crisis situation. Through assessment and coordination of short-term and transitional support resources, and in collaboration with Network Partners, PCCN’s mission is to support children and adults, who have a developmental disability and dual diagnosis, in overcoming crisis. Please visit the website here.


CHRISTIAN HORIZONS operates a day program at CWSDS for individuals with developmental disabilities.

PEEL HALTON DUFFERIN ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY SERVICES (PHDABIS) has their own building on the CWSDS property from which they operate services for adults with an acquired brain injury.

SENIORS ENJOYING NURTURING ACTIVITIES, COMPANIONSHIP, ACHIEVEMENTS (SENACA) conducts a weekday respite environment located across from the CWSDS gym, that supports individuals and families in their caregiving roles within the community.

THISTLEOAKS runs a daycare centre in one of the former CWSDS townhouses and operates a before and after-school program, using the CWSDS gym and a space across from the CWSDS pool.

CWSDS also is a hub site for video conferencing in the community and rents the pool and gym to local organizations, businesses and recreation associations.