CWSDS is a Broader Public Sector (BPS) organization. The Government of Ontario requires all designated BPS organizations to prepare and publish online business plans and other business or financial documents.

For information on BPS accountability, visit:

Multi Year Accessibility Plan

CWSDS’ Multi Year Accessibility Plan 2018

Policies and Procedures

BPS Perquisites Directive
BPS Procurement Directive
No 12-024 Expenses
No 12-020 Procurement
No 12-025 Perquisites
No 07-009 Complaints Feedback Process
No 07-011 Accessibility 
Strategic Plan 2018-2020
MCSS Attestation BPS


MCCSS Letter in Compliance 2018-2019
Management Letter 2018-2019
Annual Report 2018-2019
Annual Report on Perquisites 2018-2019
Annual Report on Expenses Directive 2018-2019
Annual Report on Lobbyists 2018-2019
Annual Report on Procurement Directive 2018-2019
Financial Statements March 31, 2019


MCSS Letter in Compliance 2017-2018
Annual Report on Perquisites 2017-2018 
Management Letter 2017-2018
Financial Statements 2017-2018
Annual Report 2017-2018
Annual Report on Expenses Directive 2017-2018


Financial Statements 2016/2017
Management Letter 2016/2017
Annual Report on Perquisites 2016/2017
Annual Report 2016/2017
Attestation of Compliance BPS 2016/2017
MCSS Letter in Compliance 2017


Annual Report on Perquisites 2015-2016
Annual Report 2015-2016
2015-2016 BDO Management Letter
2015-2016 Financial Statements
Strategic Plan – 5 Goals 2016-2019
MCSS Letter in Compliance September 2016


Annual Report 2014-2015
MCSS – 2015 – In Compliance
MCSS 2015 – Compliance Report
BDO Audit Letter 2014-2015
Financial Statements 2014-2015




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The CWSDS team provides leadership and ensures excellence in our services